Is your hair healthy? The 6 signs you need to know


The biggest concern for most women who have transitioned back to their natural hair is whether or not it’s healthy. If you’re like me you’ve probably used 10 different product lines, attempted just as many protective hairstyles and have even used random ingredients in your kitchen to make a “pre-poo”. But then, you look on the bathroom floor and see what looks like a tumbleweed roll across your feet. It leads to frustration and can have you stressing about whether or not you are taking proper care of those luscious locks you’ve worked so hard to keep.

Thankfully, Los Angeles hairstylist Ebony Riley at Mahogany Revolution has shared 6 ways you can tell if your hair is healthy. Read them below and let us know what you could do better to keep your hair healthy!


  • If your bathroom floor is covered with small, broken pieces of hair, you have the OPPOSITE of minimal hair breakage.
  • During regular maintenance: combing and shampooing, #healthyhair should RESIST breakage.
  • If you notice more breakage than normal, strengthen your hair with #anncarol Penetrating Deep Conditioner from @anncarolbeauty.14591054_1802377033309728_138723767168794624_n
  • Healthy hair will always appear shiny & feel soft to the touch.
  • These are usually characteristics of hair that is thoroughly moisturized, and that has minimal damage along the hair strand. You should moisturize your hair once every 2-3 days with @anncarolbeauty products.
  • Healthy hair has a smooth, flat cuticle that closes to lock in moisture.14719152_170316376760040_8760529498996211712_n
  • The same amount of fullness throughout your whole head is a sign of a healthy scalp!
  • Breakage can happen anywhere on the hair shaft but it is most common at the ends.
  • You SHOULD NOT notice various lengths of hair, frailness, bald patches or straggly end.14723021_1161294663923782_6261147485238984704_n
  • Split ends are fairly common & are due to heat styling, dryness or simply age.
  • Because the ends are the oldest part of your hair strands, you need to take special care of them if you don’t want splits to work their way up your entire shaft/hair strand.
  • The only way to “fix” split ends is to TRIM them. This can be painful to hear if you’re trying to grow your hair longer…but it helps the process.
  • Trimmed ends can determine how smooth a #naturalstyle turns out!14676490_1865816160332331_2993146739893993472_n
  • Elasticity: the ability of the hair to be stretched or manipulated without breaking.
  • Curly and kinky hair should be able to stretch to about 50% of its length before breaking. (Like a rubber band)
  • If it can’t be manipulated/styled & still return to its natural curl form, it’s is lacking strength & elastic balance.
  • Deep condition your hair with@anncarolbeauty products!14624252_1074515899331655_7484022487995383808_n
  • Healthy #curls have a consistent curl pattern from root to end.
  • Learn YOUR curl type so you can treat them properly BEFORE you get #braids or #locs.
  • Thick coiled hair is prone to dehydration and damage because it is more difficult for the cuticle to hold moisture.
  • This hair type is very delicate and de-tangling and using heated styling products can cause immediate breakage and damage.
    Tip: When sleeping use a silk pillow to sleep on & deep condition often.

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